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Franco Thamér as a young boy. He already has that typical, mischievous dimple when he laughs – as the picture below clearly shows .
Franco Thamér in one of his studios.

Biography Franco Thamér

Juli 1945

Born in Afritz am See in the Gegental in the middle of the Nockberg Mountains in Kärten, Austria. A refuge in absolute silence. Seclusion and total darkness: inspiring new inner-experiences with colour. A childhood in an extended family in post-war Germany, living under the simplest of circumstances in Warmbad-Villach (Kärnten). Dreamy stays in the vast expanses of forest, on the mountain trails and, above all in Eggeloch cave, with its stalactites and stalagmites. Countless nights spent there, observing, submitting to his thoughts, surrounded by nature, in direct contact with the wild animals beneath the starry skies.


Discovered by the German-Austrian painter and illustrator Professor Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel (1881 – 1965) as studio assistant and easel-bearer while working in the countryside. C. Aigner described Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel ‘as the synonym for excellent animal portrayals per se’. Portraits of animals – now so familiar to him – arise in close encounters in their natural habitat. Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel provides vital impulses for artistic creativity. 


Countless short trips as a runaway child to other countries – Africa and the port of Tangiers – to experience atmospheric images that he actually sees in reality. Revelations entailing wonderful, intensive colour spectra, as well as lights appearing in moments of almost deadly unconsciousness after being trapped for several days in an igloo that had collapsed. The sale of his first drawings and paintings to tourists at Wörtersee Lake, as well as in Trieste. 

Assistant at the opening of a good friend’s fashion boutique in Bregenz: it is now his special task to sell tailor-made clothing solely to people whom they really do suit and fit – a service he often performs without compensation. Suddenly becoming popular in the triangle where the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland meet. Planning and setting up his first professional studio with the earnings from this work.

Opens his first studio. A new focal point in Vienna, the art metropolis: in the famous Café Hawelka – surrounded by a large circle of friends of well-known and unknown artists. Actors, actresses and musicians. All-night-long discussions in these artist circles and, above all, with Friedensreich Hundertwasser and the great character actor Helmut Qaultinger. Countless trips round the world and artistic stays at various places. He studies art at various universities at home and abroad. Exhibitions at home and abroad. Growing interest in the „Thamér stylel“.

Moves from Austria to Cologne, Germany. Opens another studio. Marriage and the birth of two daughters. Two years of project work as a street artist and designer of extraordinary wine jugs. The La Vie artists’ café opens, making it the latest scene rendezvous for painters, actors and musicians - with Berlin entertainer Harald Juhnke as a regular guest on the piano. Donates a brand new excursion bus, financed from the proceeds of paintings he has sold, to a children’s home in Cologne. Promotes young artists. Exhibitions at home and abroad.

Intensive friendship with the Cologne original, Arno Faust, who lived with the great Surrealist Salvador Dali for a long time. Successfully accompanies Arno Faust though a difficult emotional crisis and illness. A studio in South Africa. From the countless purchasers of his paintings Thamér learns: ‘No matter how much money they have – so many of them are unhappy!’ Other thoughts about the effect of diverse forms of painting on the emotional state of the beholder. He begins to study psychology.

Works independently as an astrologist at the Venusberg in Bonn. Great international success with prominent patrons working in the fields of politics and entertainment. A studio in Oslo. More exhibitions at home and abroad.

A performance, much acknowledged in the media throughout Germany, as an unknown ‘mysterious Clown from Rodenkirchen’, a district in Cologne. He appears almost from nowhere and retreats with the sign: ‘Psst: autumn’s started!’ with gifts of autumn leaves, poems, roses and sweets for the amazed people. Separation from the mother of his two daughters. Exhibitions at home and abroad.

A newspaper article about the mysterious clown in Cologne.

Searching for the ups and downs of the human soul, as well as an opportunity to positively organise and manage an Institute for Life Counselling in Augsburg. He is awarded the Golden Pin of the City of Augsburg for outstanding services to the Institute for Life Counselling. A studio in Augsburg, Austria and Italy.


Creates Thamér, the exclusive fashion brand: great international demand. A studio in Marbella (Spain). Exhibitions at home and abroad.

Franco-Thamer_Die-Goettin-der-Liebe_Simone_300x438.jpg   Franco-Thamer_Das-schoenste-Kleid-am-Wiener-Opernball_300x438.jpg
Franco Thamér celebrated his successes at the Swarovski Kristallwelten, too.
Abstand_25px.gif Franco Thamér with Sandrine, the French jewelellery designer who created the coronet for the debutants. In 2004, Franco Thamér created a spectacular media echo with the most beautiful dress at the Vienna Opera Ball in 2004.


An award for the most beautiful dress at the Vienna Opera Ball, 2004. Donor of beautiful clothing, as well as one-off sum of pocket money to the tune of 50 euro per child as part of the ‘Light into Darkness’ project for boys and girls in children’s villages. As a Father Christmas, he visits children in homes and orphanages. The wish lists start arriving as early as the autumn. Not one child is disappointed. He retires as a fashion designer and life coach. Sets off for his new home by Chiemsee Lake, inwardly aware that he has made it here. Focuses on his artistic work, guided by the vision of showing people their own inner images.


The ART thamér gallery opens in Bad Endorf.

Franco Thamér – a life devoted to artFranco Thamér – Presence through Art!